Ring with birthstone: the ultimate gift

By | November 29, 2014

The ultimate gift to your lover to surprise is a jewel. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. There are many possibilities. But of course you want to give something special. Something good for your loved best. Something that is special. Very nice jewelry therefore occupied with the birthstone of friend (in) love.

The principle of this type of jewelry is as simple as it sounds. Each month has its own stone. This stone has qualities that believe are beneficial to the recipient. For example, family birthstone rings have all the birthstones that family members have. The birthstones match the birth date of the person who will wear it.

Which stones belong to which month?


For every month a particular stone. From January to December, every birthstone has it’s meaning.

January Garnet Garnet is a type of crystal that can have many colors. Often red garnets, but this is not always so. Indeed, there are also purple, orange, yellow, green, brown, black and find. Colorless specimens There is a very rare grenade species found in Madagascar. This species is blue rosy. grenade promoted willpower and perseverance, preventing overstrain. Furthermore, the stone of passion and dedication.

February Amethyst The amethyst a quarter kind. The most popular kind of quartz. The color of the stone varies from light to dark purple. All very long become this beautiful shiny stone used by people as a raw material for jewelery. This is partly because it was believed that the stone possesses magical powers.Aside from having magical powers, the stone is seen as a sign of love, temperance, anti-drunkenness, and he would protect against witchcraft. Furthermore, the stone the wearer calm and relaxed and he promoted spiritual growth.

March Aquamarine The Aquamarine is a stone from the stone beryl group. The stone is in various shades of green where. The aquamarine is common on Earth and is often found on Maria Images. This is because the stone leads to love and discolors when find wrong place. ‘s aquamarine makes the wearer easily can express his or her feelings and can speak more directly.

from his or her heart April Zircon A Zircon is a mineral that occurs in the colors brown, red, golden yellow and colorless. ‘s zircon has the nice property that encourages giving and receiving unconditional love. The stone reduced all negative feelings like jealousy and hatred.

May Emerald Emerald is a type of beryl and is experienced royal. quite as The stone is always green. Emerald restores balances that are out of balance. The stone also prevents insomnia. Furthermore, the stone bestows wisdom, happiness and love, also brings insight into yourself and bring a lot of energy in general.

June Pearl Pearl is as the name suggests a kind of beryl.The stone is golden. Pearl stimulates intuition, personal power and intellect. Furthermore, growing self-confidence and creativity of the wearer of a chrysoberyl.

July Ruby Ruby is a very famous red colored gemstone. The ruby is considered one of the precious gems and has been used for centuries in jewelry. You wear a ruby, then you are very wealthy, which is what was formerly believed. Among the many features of the ruby is to give courage, strength and willpower. Further, the tiredness disappear.Augustus Olivine The olivine is a neosilicaat that occurs in the colors yellow-green, olive green, brown and green black. Olivine ensures openness and acceptance.

September Sapphire The sapphire is a blue colored gemstone. However, sometimes the stone yellow, violet or greenish. Sapphire assists in the maturation of the mind. Give you the stone to a different gift than the bond between you and the recipient will be strengthened. The stone is good against evil influences, such witchcraft.

October Opal Opal is a quarter of a species that in many colors occur: white, colorless, blue, gray, red, yellow, green, brown and black. Opal makes the wearer more conscious of themselves and the world around them. The stone makes the mind and the body becomes one.

November Topaz Topaz gemstone that in pure form is colorless, but is usually found in shades of yellow, white, gray, blue, green or pink yellow. Topaz promoted loyal friendships and protects the wearer from exhaustion and insomnia.

December Tanzanite Tanzanite is available in many shades of blue. Tanzanite helps the wearer to find his or her own path in life, and further ensures that repressed emotions find their way out.

Truths or nonsense?
Opinions about the features of gemstones are quite divided. There are groups of people who believe that the stones have real forces that impact on people. Others do this as nonsense. Each individual can form an opinion about it, for yourself, you give someone a piece of jewelery with it or her birthstone, this makes the gift more special. The person who receives the jewelery will surely feel that to him or her thought is!

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