Efficient shopping: the default list

By | November 24, 2014

Each time a new shopping list based on what’s in your kitchen cupboards, looks like every time reinventing the wheel. Therefore create a standard shopping list and see how shopping easier, more efficient and cheaper.

What is a standard shopping list?
A standard list is a list of products you want to always have at home basically. It is about everyday foods such as milk and bread, but also to products such as detergent, shampoo and toilet paper. By making a list here, you do not have to think every week you should also pick up again. You are about to step off the list and checked on that basis what to get yet. There you make your shopping list for the supermarket.

The advantages of a standard shopping list
There are many advantages to the making of a standard shopping list. By efficiently run errands you can save a lot of money every week. It is also fine if you always have enough food in the house, especially if you’re busy. By week to invest in a good time doing errands, you are the rest of the week includes food Moreover, you no longer need each week to re-think what you all have to get in the house and the risk to forget stuff reduces considerably.

Create the default list
You make the list at a time when you really have little time and attention. Go down the list does not make just for your shopping to do because then you are more concerned with your list for now than with a general list. Base the list by categories.

For example:

  •     Sandwich Spreads: you put cheese, margarine, Nutella, peanut butter, meat toppings, syrup, etc. down.
  •     Availability: put products that you do not necessarily need to buy every week but would like to have in stock such as sugar, coffee, olive oil, soft drinks, etc.
  •     Beverages: thinking of milk and juices, sparkling water, etc.
  •     Toiletries and cleaning: put things like toilet paper, cleaning products such as detergent, detergent and bleach. Put also the detergent and personal care products like deodorant, toothpaste and shower gel.
  •    Breakfast / lunch: put this bread, crackers and breakfast cereals.
  •    Pets: Do you have a pet and you do there shopping for? Put the weekly shopping as cat litter and feed.
  •     Snacks, chips, nuts, fruits: all you usually eat as a snack, you can put in this category.

Tip: Make your list as personal and specific as possible. This way you avoid forgetting things. Hang him some time on and use it. If it turns out that you forgot a product, you can still set it there. Make a few weeks after the final list. You can even laminate it so that it stays clean longer.

Using the default list
Now you’ve made your list, you can go to him and take it to experience the convenience in use. Start by creating a weekly menu in which you write down what you want to eat this week in the evening. Be the first on your list the ingredients you’ll need for your weekly menu. Then grab your default list and look on that basis your tables after. Write down your list what you still need.

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