Christmas Tree: Tips and tricks

By | November 2, 2014

A Christmas tree or a conifer is a special case. As soon as the autumn is starting to discolor the trees and the leaves fall to the ground. The Christmas tree set is always the announcement of a cozy winter. Yet for many people also questionable moment. If you choose a real or artificial Christmas tree?

People often have a strong opinion about it. Of course there to give a good answer to the question of what is best. Real trees are always popular while artificial trees are most important when decorating your home. In Christmas, many people prefer Thomas Kinkade trees with light, music, and villages to illuminate home. But there are to discover a number of pros and cons for both.

Real Christmas trees

  • Displays the authentic atmosphere again
  • Smells like winter and Christmas
  • Available in all sizes and types
  • Usually looks nicer


  • Requires a lot of cleaning work because the needles flying everywhere
  • Do not forget water!
  • It killed a tree
  • Difficult if you have small children and pets

Artificial Christmas trees


  • Will last for years so it is cheaper in the long term
  • Very suitable for an apartment and with children
  • No cleaning work


  • It remains plastic thus indicates less real atmosphere
  • Does not always nice
  • Often on an ugly post

Christmas tree decoration?

The funniest part is decorating the tree. Who likes to go for classic chooses red and green balls with white lights. But a family with children can succeed in it-yourself. Bake salt dough figurines, make garlands, fill empty plastic baubles, … Note that the decorations are not too heavy, otherwise the different branches sag. With a colorful Christmas tree hear also colored lights.

Extra tips

  •     Always start with the lights, the garlands, the big balls and then the little ones. Work possibly with “angel hair” So you prevent that ornaments fall when you have to get lights and garlands between. Keep the peak to the end.
  •     Try small ribbons to tie in the tree in the shape of a bow. A nice alternative for garlands!
  •     Fill empty baubles with notes and let your husband / wife / child … every day one out of it. A Christmas tree Advent calendar!
  •     You can find in craft stores styrofoam balls that you can decorate with sequins. Nice to fill an evening and original as a gift or for your own tree.
  •     Make sure you have enough room under the tree for the parcels and the nativity scene.
  •     Caution with nepsneeuw. This stuff is not suitable for children and pets!
  •     Do not choose too large tree. Rather a small tree well volhangt than a large, bare tree

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