15 cool themes for parties!

By | October 30, 2014

Choosing a suitable theme for a party can be a fun but also a difficult task. In this article, therefore, the most fun themes are for parties you in a row. People who needs a fun and fitting theme for a party could use a little help. In this article there are 15 themes for parties for many different groups.
1. Rock ‘n Roll
Dress: Women dressed in full skirts (petticoats) with tight blouses with leather jacket men in trousers or jeans. Hair in a ponytail with women, men use a lot of crazy for eg. A crest.
Music: Rock’n roll music, such as Elvis or the Jailhouse Brothers.

2. Right Wrong
Dress: Any clothing that is “very wrong.” The nerd look for example, or all in the pink with glitter. Everyone can enjoy themselves at his / her way, that makes this theme so much.
Music: All kinds of ‘bad’ songs. For example, Q-Music has a false top 100; annoying summer hits to après-ski music.

3. Back to the (60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
Dress: All the way back to the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Hippie Dress or retro clothing. Men’s hair long, for example women in catsuit. Big wigs, glasses.
Music: Selection of hits from the 60, 70 or 80

4. Gala
Dress: Women in beautiful, elegant evening gown, men in tuxedos. Dress neat; hair nicely styled.
Music: More quiet music, for example romantic (pop) music or classical.

5. Night at the movies
Dress: Everyone is going as a “movie character” dressed. For example, as James Bond or Lara Croft.
To film music, think for example soundtracks of famous movies: Music.

6. Disco
Dress: colored and over the top. For women many colors, wide leg, if necessary. flowers. For men too wide legs, big wigs. Glasses and huge wigs.
Music: Disco Hits of the Jackson 5 to Earth, Wind and Fire

7. Jungle Fever
Dress: jungle and animal prints. Women, for example in dress with leopard prints or Jane outfit. Men like Tarzan or caveman.
Music: Lion King, cheerful music.

8. Chinatown
Dress: Men and women are dressed Eastern. Women in kimono example, men in trousers with blouse. Using many Chinese assescoires.
Music: Oriental music, quiet music.

9. Beauty and the Beast
Dress: Women as ‘princess’. Beautiful, big dresses, beautiful hair pinned up. Men like “beasts”. Hairy, shaggy; bestial.
Music: All kinds of romantic hits, mix between quiet music and rock music for example.

10. Weird with your hair
Dress: Strange (colored) hair styles, hair straight up, lots of glitter, gel, crazy tails. Hats, eyeglasses and other headgear are also welcome.
Music: cheerful dance music.

11. Western
Dress: Cowboys and Cowgirls. Men like cowboy boots, jeans and checkered blouse. Women with spijkerbroek- or skirt, plaid blouse, scarf around. Lasso in the hand, or horseshoe.
Music: Western Music, Shania Twain to Tom Dooley.

12. Dressed in … (white, black)
Dress: All the dress in a certain color. For example white, red or black.
Music: Trance, Marco Borsato or metal. Lots of possibilities.

13. Las Vegas
Dress: Women in cocktail dresses, for example decked with (fake) fur. Many makeup, long cigarette. Men in tuxedos; look slick and ‘dangerous’ out.
Music: Show Tunes, jazz etc.

14. Carnival
Dress: Cheerful, “exaggerated”. For many women, glitters, chains. Men colored blouses, tight pants.
Music: Carnival Music, après ski, cheerful.

15. Oranje Boven
Dress: TypischHolland. Orange clothing, faces faces painted in red, white and blue. Funny, orange headgear.
Music: Dutch music; Marco Borsato to Jan Smit.

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